How to RENEW Installer/Pumper Certifications

  • 1. Get continuing education

    Installers = 8 hrs; Pumpers = 6 hrs

    GOWA - Georgia Onsite Wastewater Association or call 706-407-2552.

    For Portable Sanitation ONLY companies (no pumping of septic tanks), only one pumper in the company needs to get continuing education. 

  • 2. ​​​Pay the State COMPANY Certification Renewal Fee

    2024 Certification COMPANY Renewal Fees due 2/28/24

    * It is NOT a fee per individual
    * You can't pay the renewal fee until 1/1/24
    * $100 late fee if paid after 2/28/24

    Installer Company: $400 ($500 if renewing late)
    Pumper Company: $400 ($500 if renewing late)
    Installing AND Pumping Company: $800 ($900 if renewing late)

    Portable Sanitation Pumping Only Company: $300 ($400 if renewing late)

  • 3. If pumping, renew your County pumper permit.

    Contact your   County EH Office  to schedule a truck inspection and manifest review. 

  • Additional Information

    Already expired and trying to renew late? Check out our certification flow chart to determine your requirements. 

    Additional FAQs

    By making a renewal payment and renewing your certification as a DPH Environmental Health Septic Tank Installing or Pumping Company, you agree to the following statements:

    • I nor my employees have violated any of the Department’s Rules and Regulations governing Onsite Sewage Management Systems, Chapter 511-3-1 during the last renewal period.
    • I nor my employees have  received a criminal conviction or have have any pending criminal charges related to on-site services. 
    • I further understand that the company will be held accountable for all violations committed by its employees.