You May Not Be Eligible

WIC Eligibility Assessment

Based on your responses, you may not be eligible because you need to:

  • Be Pregnant
  • Breastfeed an infant less than 12 months old;
  • Not breastfeeding and had a pregnancy that ended less than 6 months ago;
  • Have a child (including foster children) under age 5 (includes fathers or grandparents raising children);
  • Currently receive Medicare, Food Stamps/SNAP, TANF,
  • Currently, receive WIC benefits from another state.

To verify your eligibility status, please call or visit your local WIC office. 

You can also apply on Georgia Gateway to see what other services you may qualify for (link below).

We thank you for using the WIC Eligibility Assessment.  You may view the assessment again or return to our website homepage.

Georgia Gateway

Apply on Gateway to see all the services you are eligible for.



Page last updated 7/25/2023