How to become a Certified Installer/Pumper

  • 1. Review the Requirements
    • Be employed by a certified company. 
      • Pumper companies must also have a current County Septage Removal Permit.
    • Be at least 18 years of age or older.
    • Receive at least 70 points on either the residential and/or pumper exam.
    • Submit completed application.


    • If you are certified in another state, you must also get certified in Georgia if you want to work in Georgia. 
    • Previously certified and expired LESS than 2 years ago? Renew. Do not retest.  
    • Previously certified and expired MORE than 2 years ago? Reapply and retest.
    • View our certification flow chart for a visual of the certification steps. 
  • 2. Study For and Schedule the Exam(s)

    As a contractor you must demonstrate knowledge of all standards and criteria found in the  Download this pdf file. DPH Manual for On-site Sewage Management Systems .

    Installers, focus on: 
    Section A - Rules and Regulations
    Section D - Pretreatment
    Section E - Effluent Distribution and Dosing Devices
    Section F - Dispersal 

    Septic Tank Pumpers, focus on:
    Section I - Removal and Disposal

    Portable Sanitation Pumpers, focus on:
    Download this pdf file. Rule 511-3-6

    Contact your Download this pdf file. County Environmental Health Office  to schedule your exam. Exams cost $50 per exam. 


    • You must pass at least the Residential Exam to install and the Pumper Exam if you are going to pump septic tanks.
    • Additional exams are required for installing Commercial systems, Subsurface Drip Systems, and Mounds.  
  • 3. Submit Applications
    1. Complete the Download this pdf file. Contractor Application  
    2. Bring the application with you to your scheduled exam(s).  

    NOTE: Not already under an already existing certified company? Complete the  Download this pdf file. Company Application  and pay the Company Fee online.  

    Do not pay the company fee until you have passed the exam AND you have submitted the company application. 

  • 4. Pay Company Fee (if starting a new company)

    NEW companies in 2024:

    Installer Company Fee: $400 
    Pumper Company Fee: $400 
    Installing AND Pumping Company Fee: $800
    Portable Sanitation Pumping Only Company Fee: $300

    Click here for our online payment page.  

  • Additional Information
    • If you were previously certified and have been non-certified for over 2 years, you must reapply and retest. 
    • If you are changing companies, need to change your contact information, or have any questions about certification, please email: [email protected] or call the State Environmental Health Office at 404-657-6534.
    • Additional FAQs about certification.