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Installers and Pumpers

Important Notes: 

  • Pumper Companies must have a current County Septage and Removal Permit before you can become certified. Call your Download this pdf file. County Env Health Office to schedule an inspection and manifest review. 
  • If you were previously certified and have been non-certified for over 2 years, you must reapply and retest. 
  • If you are changing companies, need to change your contact information, or have any questions about certification, please email: [email protected]

Fees are pro-rated by half in odd numbered years for NEW company. Renewing companies need to pay the full amount, plus the $100 late fee.

Certification Fee
Installer OR 
Septic Tank Pumper
$200 New
$500 Late Renewal
Installer AND Septic Tank/
Portable Sanitation Pumper
$400 New
$900 Late Renewal
Septic Tank AND Portable
Sanitation Pumper
$200 New
$500 Late Renewal
Portable Sanitation
Pumper ONLY
$150 New
$400 Late Renewal

A local County Pumper Permit is required for all Pumper Companies.
Expect delays if mailing a check or money order.

Make payment out to GA DPH, Env Health and send to:
Env Health, 2 Peachtree St NW, 13th Floor; Atlanta, GA 30303. 

Please call us at 404-657-6534 or email: [email protected] if you have any questions.


    Soil Scientists

    If you are interested in becoming a newly certified soil classifier, click on Applications on the Onsite Page. If you have questions, email: [email protected].  

    Important Certification Renewal Notes:

    • Renewal payments of $400 are due February 28, 2020 (pay online below).
    • 40 hours of continuing education hours are required for renewal. 
      Related links:  Download this pdf file. course requirements  -  Download this pdf file. reporting form  ( Download this doc file. in Word )
    • Insurance must be current and on file with the State Environmental Health Office or you will automatically be removed from the Approved list.