Env Health FAQs

Environmental Health Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make a complaint against a restaurant, hotel/motel, or swimming pool?

    For complaints (including COVID related), services, inspections, or questions contact your County Environmental Health Office ( Download this pdf file.download pdf  or view as webpage).

    After Hours Public Health Emergencies
    1-866-PUB-HLTH (782-4584)

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  • Where can I find restaurant inspections?

    Click here.

    For questions or complaints about a facility, contact your Download this pdf file.County Environmental Health Office .

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  • Where can I find Env Health Rules and Regulations?

    Food Service:  Download this pdf file.511-6-1   (additional documents)

    Pools:  Download this pdf file.511-3-5  (additional documents)

    Portable Sanitation:  Download this pdf file.511-3-6  (additional documents)

    Septic Tanks:  Download this pdf file.511-3-1  (additional documents)

    Tanning Facilities:  Download this pdf file.Title 31, Chapter 38  (additional documents)

    Tourist Accommodations:  Download this pdf file.511-6-2  (additional documents)

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  • How do I become a certified septic tank installer or pumper?
    1. Review the certification requirements for individuals and companies.  Download this pdf file.Click here .
    2. Study for the exam(s). You must pass at least the Residential Exam in order to install.
    3. Contact your County Environmental Health Office to schedule your exam. Download this pdf file.Click here .
    4. Complete the application(s) and bring them to your county.
    5. If starting a new company, pay your company certification fee.
    6. If you are a pumper company, you'll also need to have your truck(s) inspected by the county and be issued a County Septage and Removal Permit. 

    Important Notes: 

    • If you were previously certified and have been non-certified for over 2 years, you must reapply and retest. 
    • If you are changing companies, need to change your contact information, or have any questions about certification, please call the State Environmental Health Office at 404-657-6534.

    Additional info:

    Septic Tank Installers and Pumpers
    Portable Sanitation Providers

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  • How do I open a mobile food facility?

    Read our FAQs. Download this pdf file.Click here .

    Review applications and forms

    Contact your Download this pdf file.County Env Health Office with additional questions and to get started.

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  • What is considered a non-profit food service event?
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  • Are dogs allowed in restaurants?

    Download this pdf file.View FAQs as a downloaded pdf file .

    Q: What are the Georgia rules about dogs in restaurants?
    A: Georgia Food Service Rules and Regulations require restaurants to obtain approval from the local health department before providing a dog-friendly dining space. This dining space must be outside and only accessible from the outside. Pet owners are not allowed to walk their dogs through any indoor dining areas or non-designated areas to access a dog-friendly dining patio. Only service animals that perform a task or service for their owners are allowed inside restaurants in Georgia. Pet dogs, comfort dogs or other animals are not allowed in any indoor dining areas of restaurants.

    Q: How will I know if a restaurant is dog-friendly?
    A: Restaurants are required to notify customers that their establishment is dog-friendly. This information will be available through signs, or from restaurant staff. The restaurant must have an outside entrance to the dog-friendly area that will allow the pet owner and their dog to access the patio without walking through the indoor dining room. Only service dogs are allowed inside of a restaurant.

    Q: Can my dog sit at the table with me?
    A: No. Dogs that accompany their owners to restaurants with dog-friendly dining patios are always required to be on a leash and under the owner’s control. Dogs are not allowed to be on tables, chairs or other furniture at the restaurant. The pet owner must ensure their dog does not come into contact with tableware or utensils at the restaurant.

    Q: Is my dog allowed to eat with me on a dog-friendly dining patio?
    A: No. To protect the public’s health and safety, dogs are not allowed to eat on a dog-friendly dining patio. Some dogs become aggressive around food and eating stimulates a dog’s digestive system increasing the likelihood that they will vomit or defecate immediately afterward.

    Q: What if my dog has an accident while on the dog-friendly patio?
    A: Restaurants with approved dog-friendly dining patios are required to have materials available for cleaning up after a dog, if an accident occurs.

    Q: If it is hot outside, can a restaurant give my dog water?
    A: If you visit a restaurant with a dog-friendly patio, the restaurant can provide a single-use, disposable bowl of water that you can give your pet away from the dining area. Dogs are not allowed to eat or drink in the dining area.

    Q: Will restaurant employees be able to pet my dog?
    A: Restaurant employees working with and around food are not allowed to touch or pet animals. For more information, contact your Download this pdf file.local health department or visit our Food Page and download a copy of the Georgia Food Service Rules and Regulations.

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  • How do I get a job in Environmental Health?

    Click here for available jobs and then filter on Environmental Services. Then apply. 

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  • How do I get back to the Environmental Health Home Page?
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