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A Modern System to Support the Future of Public Health

The Georgia Department of Public Health recognized the need for a modern, reliable, and scalable solution to provide immunization information when and where it is needed to improve patient care. The recent pandemic revealed some deficiencies in our current system. As a result, we committed to ensuring these challenges would not be experienced again as we move into the next generation of GRITS and in Public Health.

GRITS2.0 will provide healthcare providers, schools, pharmacies, state agencies, and other immunization partners with a user-centric experience that provides the vaccine intelligence needed to "monitor, manage, and mobilize data for a healthier future." Our goal is to deliver to Georgia healthcare providers the technology to establish real-time data exchange, manage vaccine and vaccine-related inventory, and up-to-date clinical decision-making support.


To ensure that all stakeholders are identified and included appropriately, we ask that you complete the form below as soon as possible. Please feel free to forward this page to other contacts as needed. If you have any interaction with GRITS or Georgia immunization information, please complete the form.


As an immunization partner, you can expect to receive regular updates starting in January 2024. Specific stakeholder groups have been identified to complete more timely activities and will receive communication separately. As we get closer to going LIVE with GRITS 2.0 you will receive information about Virtual Training and other educational resources to help you get started.

More information is to come.