Wastewater Management

Septic Tanks, On-Site Sewage, Portable Toilets

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Contractor Certification/Renewals

Septic Tank Installers and Pumpers
Soil Classifiers
Portable Sanitation Providers

Certified Lists

Septic Tank Installers
Septic Tank Pumpers
Portable Sanitation Pumpers
Soil Classifiers (Approved for Level III Soil Evaluations)

Homeowner Resources

Buying additives/chemicals for your tank? Think again!
Floods: Septic Tanks Info
Guide to Septic Tanks
Videos:  Understanding Your Septic Tank
             The Septic System Challenge

Contractor/Environmentalist Resources

Applications and Study Guides
Committees (Certification Review, Soil Classifiers, Technical Review)
* NEW Disciplinary Actions Taken Against Septic Tank Contractors and Companies
Education and Training Courses
EPD Permitted Public Wastewater Treatment Facilities Accepting Septage
Manual for Onsite
Portable Toilets - Requirements Brochure
Product Approvals
Residency Verification Form
Rules and Regulations
Soil Classifier Info
Variance/Waiver Request Form and Instructions

Additional Information

Background and Use of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems in GA
Design Criteria for Peak Sewage Flow
Impact of Onsite Sewage Systems on Ground Water Nitrogen
Program Responsibilities
Welstrom - Online Mapping Tool
        Septic Tanks, Wells, Soils, and More! 
        Additional information

Program Mission/Program Goals

  • Minimize health problems related to untreated human sewage.
  • Regulation and inspection of new on-site sewage management systems (septic tanks/field lines). 
  • Investigation and inspection of repairs made to improperly functioning on-site sewage management systems.
  • Education, training, and certification for environmentalists, septic tank installers, pumpers, soil scientists, geologists, and engineers involved in installing, maintaining, and repairing on-site sewage management systems.

If a septic tank is not installed level and/or at the proper grade, it will FAIL. Our Environmental Health Specialists always check for this...and so much more!


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