Training Materials and Resources

Vendor training is conducted to ensure vendor applicants and authorized vendors are familiar with Georgia WIC Program policies and procedures. Training is offered in the following formats: newsletters, videos, or interactive training sessions.

NEW! FFY 2019 Quarterly Vendor Mail Newsletter

NEW! FFY 2019 Addendum 19-02 Effective November 16, 2018

Georgia WIC Program Vendor Handbook

FFY 2019 Addendum 19-01 Effective October 22, 2018

FFY 2018 Annual Training - Corporate and Non Corporate (2 and 3 years agreements)

FFY 2018 Addendum 18-01 Effective July 16, 2018

FFY 2018 Quarterly Vendor Mail Newsletter

FFY 2017 Addendum 17-02 Effective August 25, 2017

FFY 2017 Annual Training - Corporate (3 years agreements)

FFY 2017 Quarterly Vendor Mail Newsletter

FFY 2016 Quarterly Vendor Mail Newsletter 

FFY 2016 Annual Training - Non-Corporate (2 years agreements)

Georgia WIC Program Vendor Handbook

Quarterly Informational Training Bulletin

Sales and Use Tax Resources and Instructions

Shelf Price Survey Resources and Instructions




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