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About Georgia WIC

Georgia WIC improves the health of families by providing nutritious foods, health education, breastfeeding support, and referrals to health care from staff dedicated to a healthy Georgia. Take the first step and join WIC for your family - because your children deserve a healthy start.

Georgia WIC Offers

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Breastfeeding Support

WIC provides breastfeeding resources and one-on-one support while you learn and grow with your baby


Food Benefits

Use your eWIC card to purchase nutritious foods for your family such as fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, grains, proteins, and infant formula


WIC refers you to dentists, childcare & preschools, doctors, specialty health professionals, and more


Health Counseling

WIC nutritionists and registered dietitians can help identify heath needs for your children and connect you to the right resources for your family

Dedicated Staff

Our WIC offices have dedicated staff who are passionate about helping our state's families learn more about their health and wellness

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Healthy Food Benefits

WIC monthly food benefits

The WIC program provides monthly food benefits that ensure participants receive the nutrients they need for a healthy future. The new eWIC card, similar to a debit card, creates an easy and efficient checkout process for participants to use at authorized WIC vendors all over the state. In the summer months, you can even use your WIC benefits at local farmers markets, so you’re always getting something fresh and local.

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Health and Nutrition Resources

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The WIC program offers one-on-one appointments with nutritionists and additional resources to help participants be healthy and receive the right support for their individual needs.

Breastfeeding Education and Support

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For any mom unsure about, beginning to, or already breastfeeding, WIC provides counselors, peer buddies, educational materials, and supplies to support you.

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WIC Community

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The WIC program makes Georgia healthier by providing participants with guidance, support, and resources. WIC staff are dedicated to helping the families they serve, including military and migrant families, multi-language families, those already on SNAP, and others.

WIC Partners


Want more information on Georgia WIC?

Contact Georgia WIC at (800) 228-9173 for participants, (866) 814-5468 for vendors, or visit your local health department to learn more

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