Food Service Design, Installation and Construction Manual

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Part I - Administrative Guidance
    Section A - Definitions
    Section B - Menu Review and Process Flow
    Section C - Contents and Format of Plans and Specifications
    Section D - Facilities to Maintain Product Temperature
    Section E - Facilities to Protect Food
    Section F - Handwashing Facility
    Section G - Water Supply and Sewage Disposal
    Section H - Food Equipment and Installation
    Section I - Dry Storage
    Section J - Warewashing Facilities
    Section K - Hot Water Supply Requirements
    Section L - Finish Schedule-Floors, Walls, Ceilings
    Section M - Toilet Room Handwashing Facility
    Section N - Plumbing and Cross-Connections
    Section O - Insect and Rodent Control
    Section P - Lighting
    Section Q - Ventilation
    Section R - Utility Facilities
    Section S - Dressing Rooms and Lockers
    Section T - Garbage and Refuse Storage
    Section U - Special Food Service Operations

Part II - Appendices

    Appendices A - Food Service Applications, Variances and Waivers
    Appendices B - Health Authority Compliance Review List
    Appendices C - Example of a Molluscan Shellfish Life Support
    Appendices D - Checklist to Validate Contents of a HACCP Plan
    Appendices E - Temperature Logs Thermometer Calibration
    Appendices F -Examples of Molluscan Shellfish Life-Support  
    Appendices G Menu Flow Analysis Process Worksheet
    Appendices H - Sample Plans and Specifications Review Response
    Appendices I - Water Heating System Sizing Verification Record
    Appendices J - MOU Non-Public Water Supplies
    Appendices K - Equipment Specification Reference Sheet
    Appendices L - Plan Review Specification Sheet
    Appendices M - Well Head Protection
    Appendices N - Interpretation of MOU Non-Public Water Supplies
    Appendices O - Grease Traps    
    Appendices P - EPD District Map and Office Contact Information
    Appendices Q - Hand Washing Sign
    Appendices R - Plumbing and Cross-Connection Control