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Benefits of Care Coordination

Families enrolled in the Children’s Medical Services (CMS) program find support and assistance within their communities while caring for their child with chronic health concerns. All families in the program have the right to receive quality services and assistance from their care coordinator.

Children's Medical Services Care Coordinator's:

  • Encourage family participation in the health care decision making process 
  • May provide home visits for clients and their families
  • Promote independence and choice for families
  • Aid with referrals to community resources
  • Support a medical home approach
  • Coordinate access to pediatric specialty care
  • Provide education and guidance in organizing health care and managing health conditions
  • Navigate options to help pay for health care
  • Assist with outreach and identifying respite care resources
  • Work cooperatively with a child's health care provider to create the most desired outcomes

Care Coordinators Guide Health Care Transition Planning

The journey from childhood to adolescence and into adulthood poses many challenges for youth with disabilities, especially in healthcare. Challenges such as finding an adult provider or securing adequate medical coverage can lead youth to underutilize medical services and/or misuse and abuse the emergency room during adulthood.  Care Coordinators help prepare youth and families navigate services through schools, agencies, employment/training and health care providers to create an effective path to greater adult independence. It is recommended that youth and families start planning for health care transition as early as 12 years of age.

What does health care transition involve?

  • Moving from pediatric care to an adult model of care
  • Preparing youth to become responsible for their health care
  • Maximizing independence and providing support systems as needed
  • Helping youth feel comfortable speaking with their doctors
  • Teaching youth about their health condition
  • Learning to navigate services for youth over age 18

Where can I find more information on health care transition?

Take a closer look at the educational materials available to assist parent/caregivers and youth in the transition process:

Families Rights

Coordinating care for children in the CMS program requires a true partnership between the family and the child’s care coordinator. There are Download this pdf file. family rights and responsibilities that help to make sure that all the child’s needs are being met.

When families or patients are not satisfied with program decisions made regarding eligibility and services there is an appeals process. See Notice of Process to File an Appeal for more information.

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