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Federal regulations for the WIC Program define minimum requirements for WIC-eligible infant formula. State WIC agencies are then responsible for identifying the types and brands of infant formulas for use in their WIC Programs. The Georgia WIC Program reviews the Georgia WIC Approved Formulas list quarterly.

In Georgia, infant formula manufacturers competitively bid for the sole-source WIC contract every three years. Under this agreement, non-breastfeeding infants enrolled in WIC may receive either a milk-based or soy-based iron-fortified infant formula produced by the contracted manufacturer. According to Georgia's WIC policies and federal regulations, infants with special dietary needs may receive an appropriate alternative formula. A medical prescription is required in order for an infant with special dietary needs to receive an exempt, non-contracted formula.

*The state of Georgia supports breastfeeding as the preferred method for infant feeding.

  Download this pdf file. Georgia WIC RMF updated December 2020

  • Use this form to prescribe special formulas and/or medical foods and to approve the WIC foods allowed based on a patient’s medical condition(s)
  • Instructions and resources for form completion are included on page 2
  • The fillable form can be saved, printed, signed, and then faxed/delivered to the local WIC clinic

Download this pdf file. Georgia WIC Approved Formulas  Effective June 2023

  • List of contract and non-contract formulas in Georgia

Download this pdf file. Georgia WIC Formula Guide  Revised February 2024

Download this pdf file. Georgia WIC Formula Guide-Spanish  Effective June 2023

Download this pdf file. Common Formula Package Maximums Effective December 2021

  • List of commonly used formulas and allowed quantities based on participant’s age.
  • Intended for use in calculating the number of ounces in a can of formula when reconstituted.
  • Useful resource when creating special formula food packages.
  • Includes additional information such as package size, manufacturer, and flavors. 

Download this pdf file. Formula Algorithm for Infants on Georgia WIC (Revised 2022)

  • Breastfeeding should be promoted as the optimal feeding method for infants.  This guide can assist you in prescribing formulas when breastfeeding is not desired, if supplemental formula is introduced, or if breastfeeding is medically contraindicated.  Breastfeeding should be considered and encouraged when common conditions arise with guidance from a physician and lactation consultant.

Download this pdf file. Georgia WIC Child Formula Algorithm (Published 2018)

  • For infants, Georgia WIC promotes and supports breastfeeding as the standard for infant feeding. Breastfeeding should be promoted as the optimal feeding method for infants. This guide can assist you in prescribing formulas when breastfeeding is medically contraindicated, supplementation is requested or supplemental formula is introduced. Breastfeeding should be encouraged through common challenges with appropriate referrals for breastfeeding support to WIC Designated Breastfeeding Experts (DBEs), including, Peer Counselors, WIC Competent Professional Authorities (CPA's), and/or Lactation Consultants.

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