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What is Perinatal Regionalization?

A collaborative system of hospitals & providers striving to assure that deliveries happen in the hospital with the appropriate level of care for the mother and the infant.

Mission Statement: The purpose of the Regional Perinatal Centers is to coordinate access to optimal and appropriate maternal and infant health care.

Vision Statement:  The vision of the Regional Perinatal Centers is to provide care and service which promotes opportunities for optimal outcomes for any in need, without barriers.

Services Provided by Regional Perinatal Centers (RPC):

  • Comprehensive perinatal health care for pregnant women, their fetuses and infants of all risk categories
  • Medical consultation
  • Assistance with transport/transfers of high-risk mothers and infants
  • Outreach education to providers and staff of hospitals within the specific region

Where are services located?

Basic perinatal services include comprehensive obstetric care through neonatal newborn services.  Additionally, there are six Regional Perinatal Centers, specially qualified hospitals, which are designated to specific geographic regions that provide the most advanced care for high risk mothers and infants.

 Albany, Georgia 31701
 Columbus, GA 31901
 Atlanta, GA 30303 ·
 Macon, GA 31201
 Augusta, GA 30912
 Savannah, GA 31404


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