Newborn Screening (NBS)

Most babies appear healthy and show no signs of illness right after birth. However, some infants may be born with certain heritable diseases that can lead to disability or death. When detected early, many of these disorders can be managed and can prevent the occurrence of adverse health outcomes.

The Georgia Newborn Screening (NBS) Program is a six-part preventive health care system designed to identify and provide early treatment for over 30 inherited disorders that otherwise would cause significant morbidity or death. The six components of the system are:

  • Education: of parents and health care providers

  • Screening: universal testing of all newborns

  • Follow-up: rapid retrieval and referral of the screen-positive newborn

  • Medical Diagnosis: confirmation of a normal or abnormal screening test result by a private physician or tertiary treatment center

  • Management: rapid implementation and long-term planning of therapy

  • Evaluation: validation of testing procedures, the efficiency of follow-up and intervention, and benefit to the patient, family, and society. Includes consideration of adding other tests to the system as indicated by appropriate research and scientific evidence.

The Georgia Newborn Screening Program ensures that every newborn in Georgia is screened for over 30 heritable disorders for prompt identification and treatment.

The program is responsible for the following:

  1. Administration of the newborn screening system, including the oversight of follow-up programs.

  2. Monitoring and evaluating newborn screening practices.

  3. Managing electronic data surveillance and tracking system, including maintenance of long-term results.

  4. Facilitating communication between practitioners, birth hospitals, laboratory personnel, and the follow-up teams.

  5. Providing ongoing education for practitioners.

  6. Reporting results to state and federal officials and to the public.


Proof of identity: All newborn screening record requests must be accompanied by document(s) that identify the person requesting the newborn screening record. Examples of acceptable forms of identification include: a state-issued photo driver’s license with address, a state-issued photo identification card with address, a U.S./Foreign passport or passport card with a photo, a school ID, or a Green Card, etc. Please ensure the copy of identification submitted is unexpired and legible. If the record requested is for a minor under 18 years of age, please state your relationship to the minor in the "Requestor’s Relationship" field.

Providers seeking NBS results, please email [email protected] or fax a request to 404-657-2773 or register below for Newborn Screening Portal access.

The Georgia Public Health Laboratory has a web portal that allows submitters to access newborn screening results 24/7. The web portal address is:

The portal contains results for specimens received on or after July 11, 2011.

Page last updated 8/18/2023