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The Georgia Department of Public Health’s Family Planning program provides leadership, guidance, and resources to Georgia’s 18 Health Districts in the development and provision of resources that address the health needs of women.

Our Family Planning program offers comprehensive health care services designed to provide women support with planning when to have children, reduce unintended pregnancies, determine effective birth control methods and improve the wellbeing of families statewide.

Explore your options by contacting your Women's Health Coordinator in your county. Search the locator by checking the Women's Health Coordinator box and your county or zip code.


Why Choose Our Family Planning Services?

The Georgia Department of Public Health is proud to offer patient-centered services that provide our patients with the tools and information needed to manage or prevent pregnancies as well as establish effective personal health goals. 

When visiting our public health departments, you will enjoy a variety of services and benefits that demonstrate our commitment to health care delivery and improving your personal health.

Services available in your local community

With health departments available in all 18 health districts and 159 counties, you can make the most of your time by working with a health department in your local community.

High-quality health care delivery services

Our health care professionals are dedicated to providing superior health care and family planning services.  They work according to national health care delivery standards and offer the most up-to-date medical information to help you make informed decisions about your personal health and wellbeing.

Flexible appointment options

Our Family Planning professionals understand you are balancing your health care needs with a busy life.  We deliver your health care needs in a timely manner by offering same-day or walk-in appointments.

Comprehensive and thorough care

While you may visit our health departments for family planning services, our staff members will provide additional counseling or referrals to ensure you receive appropriate support and services for all of your health care needs.

Cost-effective health care services

We believe everyone should have access to family planning services that meet both their lifestyle and budgetary needs.  The Georgia Department of Public Health’s Family Planning Program offers low-cost, high-quality services statewide.

Explore Your Options.



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