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Children’s Medical Services coordinates and supports pediatric specialty clinics for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN).  Specialty clinics exist to offer children and their families, living in rural counties across Georgia, access to specialized pediatric medical care.

CMS pediatric specialty clinics:

  • Provide access to specialty care in rural communities across Georgia
  • Offer opportunities to partner with primary care providers
  • Offer opportunities for telemedicine services. Telemedicine is an alternative to routine face-to-face doctor’s visits. Telemedicine allows a decrease in the distance families travel for medical appointments by providing real-time, interactive communication between patients and health professionals. Telemedicine uses audio and visual equipment from a mobile/local site.
  • Provide specialty care for the following:
    • Cardiac - cardiac conditions such as congenital heart disease
    • Developmental - developmental disorders related to genetics
    • Endocrinology - endocrine conditions, such as diabetes
    • Genetics - suspected genetic disorders
    • Nephrology - kidney diseases
    • Neurology - nervous system such as seizure disorders and cerebral palsy.
    • Neurosurgery - surgery for pediatric neuro patients
    • Pediatric Surgery- specialized surgical care
    • Pulmonology - chronic pulmonary conditions including asthma and other congenital respiratory conditions.
    • Scoliosis - abnormal spine curvature
    • Sickle Cell - pediatric patients with this inherited red blood cell condition

If you are interested in supporting a CMS specialty clinic on-site or via telemedicine, please contact [email protected]

Download this pdf file. CMS Specialty Clinics

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