BCW Parent Rights

Know Your Parental Rights in BCW

Parents of children with a developmental delay or disability have special rights stated in the federal law called Individualized with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). If your child has a delay or disability, your rights include:

  • The right to accept or decline some or all services from BCW program
  • The right to be informed of your rights
  • The right to provide informed written consent before any information about your child or family is shared between service providers
  • The right to provide informed written consent before services begin
  • The right to have your records kept private and confidential
  • The right to review and make changes to records about your child and family at any time
  • The right to request, be present at and take part in meetings about your child and family
  • The right to make a formal complaint about services for your child
  • The right to know to whom to make a written complaint and receive an answer to that complaint within 60 days
  • The right to have your family's priorities and concerns addressed
  • The right to have a designated staff member to support and facilitate your services
  • The right to guide the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)
  • The right to the following services at no cost to you:
    • Developmental evaluation to determine eligibility
    • Help with transition planning before your child turns three and leaves BCW
    • The right to have an advocate, friend or interpreter present at any or all contacts with service providers
    • The right to receive written notice before there is a change in services. The written notice should include what and why the change is being proposed or denied.

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Page last updated: 11/13/2019