New Legislation Offers Stronger Protection for Georgia Children Exposed to Lead

There is no safe amount of lead in a child’s blood. Even small amounts of lead can result in damage to the brain and nervous system, cause behavioral problems, learning difficulties and other medical issues – all of which may be permanent.

DPH Moves to Weekly COVID-19 Data Reporting

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) is transitioning from daily to weekly COVID-19 data reporting.

DPH News Release - Fentanyl Overdose Increases

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) Drug Surveillance Unit has received increased reports of overdoses due to drugs mixed with fentanyl, particularly cocaine, methamphetamine, and counterfeit pills. Overdoses have been reported in several areas of the state over the past month.

Board of Public Health March (2022) Meeting

The Board of Public Health will hold its March meeting for the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) Tuesday, March 8, 2022. This meeting will be held virtually.

COVID-19 Daily Status Report Update March 1, 2022

The COVID-19 Daily Status Report will reflect 4,253 “PCR positive tests” in the PCR/Molecular reported today and total test counts columns in the COVID-19 Testing table. The majority – more than 80% - are from January and early February 2022 and were previously reported as confirmed cases. 

Powdered Infant Formula Recall Expanded

A recall of powdered infant formula is expanding to include a specialty formula for infants with certain dietary needs. Abbott Nutrition is now recalling one lot of Similac PM 60/40 in addition to select lots of Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare formulas manufactured in its Sturgis, Michigan, facility.

COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard Census Data

As of today, the COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard has been updated to use 2019 American Community Survey (ACS) 5-year census estimates for county-level demographics. Previously, data came from 2018 ACS 5-year census estimates.

DPH News Release - Two COVID-19 Treatments No Longer Authorized for Use

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that two monoclonal antibody (mAb) treatments for COVID-19 are currently not authorized for use due to their limited effectiveness against the Omicron variant. 

DPH News Advisory - COVID-19 Dashboard Backlog of Cases

Today’s COVID-19 Daily Status Report will reflect more than 27,000 newly reported cases (PCR positive and antigen positive combined).

COVID-19 Mega-Testing Site Opening January 14 at The Home Depot Backyard

The Georgia Department of Public Health in partnership with Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Fulton County Government, the Fulton County Board of Health, the Atlanta-Fulton County Emergency-Management Agency and Viral Solutions announce the opening of a new testing mega-site at The Home Depot Backyard beginning Friday, January 14.