Specialty Care Centers (Cardiac, Trauma, Stroke)

Specialty Systems of Care improve the quality of care and reduce death and disability due to critically ill/injured patients related to trauma, stroke, and cardiovascular emergencies.

Cardiac, Trauma, and Stroke patients require timely EMS triage, informed diagnosis, and definitive treatment by a multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers, supported by appropriate resources, in order to reduce the risk of death or serious disability.

The Office of EMS and Trauma works with hospitals and other organizations across the state to develop cardiac, trauma, and stroke facility designations, protocols, and policies in the state.

Emergency Cardiac Care Centers:

The Mission of the Office of Cardiac Care is to improve survival rates in Georgia from Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests (OHCA) and heart attacks (STEMI) through quality improvement, benchmarking, and evidence-based guidelines, supported by a standardized database collection and reporting system. The foundation for the evaluation of the emergency cardiac care system in this state is the establishment and maintenance of a cardiac registry.

For information on becoming a designated ECCC, contact [email protected].

Trauma Centers:

The Mission of the statewide trauma system is to ensure that Georgians and visitors to our state receive the highest quality of care possible, to provide a continuum of care from initial injury through definitive care, and to decrease injury and death due to traumatic injury.

For information on becoming a designated Trauma Center, contact [email protected].

Stroke Centers:

Georgia Coverdell Acute Stroke Registry, addresses quality improvement in multiple areas of stroke care, from rapid screening, diagnosis, and intervention for patients experiencing an acute stroke, to secondary prevention measures such as blood pressure control, smoking cessation, and treatment of elevated cholesterol to reduce the incidence of recurrent stroke after hospital discharge.

  • Comprehensive
  • Thrombectomy-Capable
  • Primary
  • Acute Stroke Ready
  • Remote Treatment 

For information on becoming a designated Stroke Center, contact [email protected].

Specialty Care Centers

Additional Forms:

Download this pdf file. Form to Request Hospital Name Change in the Georgia Office of EMS and Trauma Systems


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