Project ECHO

What is Project ECHO?

Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) was founded by Dr. Sanjeev Arora at University of New Mexico. ECHO originally launched as a way to link a University Hepatitis C specialist to primary care physicians. Project ECHO’s mission is to disseminate knowledge and amplify the capacity to provide best practice care to broad geographic areas. The program facilitates virtual clinics, linking specialists with care providers in local communities through videoconferencing. Participants become part of a learning community where they receive mentoring and feedback from specialists as they manage complex patient cases. Project ECHO’s success has spread from New Mexico to a national and even international level, with hubs all across the US and even other parts of the world. This model enables clinicians who have limited access to sub-specialists to be able to discuss their challenging cases and to garner group feedback on patient management.

How to ECHO and Expand Your Knowledge

At GA DPH ECHO, we understand the demands physicians, nurses and public health workers face and the cost and time challenges those create for your ability to stay current and connected. That’s why we’ve made it as simple as possible for you to ECHO, which includes using the DPH video conferencing network and/or connecting on a WebEx video conferencing platform that allows you to ECHO from wherever you are. It’s also why there is no cost for participating in an ECHO series.

While we have made it easy to participate in an ECHO, it is more than just showing up the day of. We ask that every participant commit to the entire ECHO series. This typically means eight to twelve ECHO sessions a year, each lasting an hour. ECHO sessions are monthly, and are scheduled at the same time each month. In addition to your time, every ECHO participant commits to sharing their experience with the group.

Current ECHO Clinics at GA DPH 

The ECHO clinics below are currently being offered: 

  1. Infectious Diseases ECHO 
  2. Viral Hepatitis ECHO
  3. Coverdell Acute Stroke ECHO
  4. Georgia Cancer Registry 

Meet the Team: 

ECHO Program Manager: Suleima Salgado, MBA

ECHO Clinical Consultant: Gregory S. Felzien, MD, AAHIVS

ECHO Coordinator: Jackie Woodard

Contact Information: 

To ECHO is to expand your understanding, so if you need more information, or if you are interested in joining our ECHO please email us at [email protected].  We are always happy to provide further information and answer any questions.

To participate in this or any other DPH ECHO, please visit