Commissioner's Message

On behalf of more than 6,000 dedicated public health practitioners throughout the State of Georgia, I welcome you to our new site. And I hope you will join us in our important mission: We Protect Lives

As Georgia’s lead agency in preventing disease, promoting better health, and ensuring our families have the resources they need to prepare for health emergencies, you might be surprised just how often your life and your safety have been affected by the Georgia Department of Public Health. From public health laboratory technicians who test every new Georgia baby for life threatening conditions – about 108,000 children a year – to inspecting the restaurants you dine in, to offering vaccinations to guard against the threat of disease - We Protect Lives.

Through vaccination programs, the nation has virtually eradicated the devastating effects of polio. Tetanus and diphtheria have been reduced substantially. Our successful Quit Line fights chronic lung disease through smoking cessation. Each flu season our immunization program protects you and your family at work and school.

We are engaged in Governor Nathan Deal’s SHAPE initiative to combat childhood obesity and increase physical activity among our young people. As public health practitioners, we’re working to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS – and we’re doing more by linking more people with more care. We’re working to mitigate diabetes through nutrition and weight management programs. We’re applying innovation in restaurant and pool inspections. We’re collaborating like never before to ensure Georgia is prepared for disaster-related health implications. We are working for you.

Welcome to the online home of the Georgia Department of Public Health. And welcome to a healthier, safer Georgia. 

Brenda Fitzgerald, M.D.
Georgia Department of Public Health