School Health

school nurse with a student

The Georgia Department of Public Health, School Health Nursing Program, part of the Office of Nursing, commits to supporting those promoting and protecting the health and safety of the state’s children and youth while in the school setting.  The program serves those who care for all children of school age attending public and non-public schools in Georgia.

Georgia employs more than 1,600 licensed nurses to provide school nursing services.  School nurses in Georgia are employed by a variety of agencies; the majority are employed by local school districts, and the remainder are employed by local health departments, hospitals, and other agencies. Additionally, school nurses are employed by private or religious schools.

The Georgia Department of Public Health employs a Deputy Chief Nurse for School Health to provide leadership, training, and consultation as it relates to school nursing practice and public health to all health districts, school districts (including private and parochial schools), as well as nurses employed as school nurses.  Additionally, the Deputy Chief Nurse for School Health collaborates across program disciplines within the Department of Public Health to promote the physical, social, emotional, and educational growth of children and adolescents in the school setting.

Among the goals of the School Health Nursing Program are to improve the quality of school nursing practice and school health programs, including the health and learning of children and youth.

For more information about this service contact:                               

Elin Brumbaugh RN, BSN
Deputy Chief Nurse for School Health
Georgia Department of Public Health
[email protected]


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