Office of Nursing


Welcome to the Georgia Department of Public Health Office of Nursing.  The Office of Nursing supports the delivery of public health nursing services to the people of Georgia by setting standards of practice, providing technical; assistance, direction and leadership and developing policies and guidelines consistent with the Georgia Nurse Practice Act, the Georgia Board of Nursing Rules and Regulations and best practices.  The Office Nursing develops products and tools and services that are used by districts, counties and the State Office in helping to achieve the Public Health mission.  The leadership provided by the Office of Nursing supports the changing role of public health and public health nursing within communities and within the Department of Public Health.


Public Health Nursing workforce is competent, caring, compassionate and is improving the health and safety of Georgians.


Provides leadership, guidance, technical assistance and tools to assure that the practice of Public Health Nursing in Georgia is:

  • Evidence- and competency-based;
  • Consistent with the Georgia nurse practice acts, rules and regulations and scope of practice; and
  • Focused on improving the health and safety of Georgians

***New*** Georgia Public Health Nursing Career Track 2016

Contact Information

Office of Nursing                                                                                Email:                                                                      Phone: 404-656-4454                                                                        Fax: 404-656-4457




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