Emergency Medical Services

Medic License Renewals Due 3/31/2023!

  • 2023 Regular Renewal (for those with a March 31, 2023 expiration) ends at midnight of 3/31/2023
  • Step 1: Confirm all 40 hours of Continuing Education hours are entered in the system. See the detailed steps for instructions to enter courses to your education report. 
  • Step 2: Complete the appropriate Georgia Medic Renewal Application. See the detailed steps

Revised Minimum Equipment and Supplies for EMS Licensed Vehicles

The Department worked with EMSAC to develop revised/updated Vehicle Inspection Forms for all the vehicles licensed by OEMST.

Modifications made:

  • New format
  • Now includes the operational items we have always inspected
  • Items removed
  • Items added
  • Items changed in quantity

These forms/criteria are in effect as of January 1, 2023. Click here to review the new forms which are listed under the Vehicle Inspection Forms section. 

2022 NHTSA EMS Reassessment
Click Download this pdf file. HERE to review the document. 

EMS Quick Report Form 

Click on the version you need   
( Download this xls file. Excel , Download this pdf file. PDF )

The Office of EMS and Trauma has established this form to be used by EMS personnel to provide patient care information to the receiving facility upon delivery of the patient until a prehospital care report can be completed and delivered to the receiving facility and/or submitted to GEMSIS Elite. This EMS Quick Report complies with the EMS Rule 511-9-2-.14. 

Notes on the Quick Report Form:

  • Agencies should submit ePCRs to GEMSIS Elite within 24 hours of call completion, and hospitals may access those patient care reports on Hospital Hub. To gain access to Hospital Hub, please contact your Regional EMS Director and they will forward your request.
  • EMS Agencies may adapt this form and place their agency name on it, as long as minimal information is kept on this document.
  • By using this form (or one substantially similar to it), hospitals are more quickly able to contact the agency and specifically the crews if a patient that they transported tests positive for or is suspected of having COVID-19 or any other infectious disease. 

Travel Clinical Assistant

Public safety agencies are highly encouraged to reinforce with their field personnel on how to identify potential travel-related diseases and outbreaks using the Travel Clinical Assistant. The TCA provides epidemiological facts and guidelines for clinical symptoms, transmission modes, infection control guidance, and any reporting guidelines. Agencies should also review and practice appropriate PPE levels, handwashing, and disinfection practices.


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