Emergency Medical Services

NEW Emergency Rule:

  • Download this pdf file. Please click HERE to review Emergency Rule 511-9-2-.04 containing Rule 511-9-2-0.4-.07(5)(b)(4) - Non-Licensed Drivers for Emergency Medical Services





Public safety agencies are highly encouraged to reinforce with their field personnel how to respond to and manage a patient of this type. This should include the epidemiology and a summary of current events surrounding the 2019-nCoV. Agencies should also review and practice appropriate PPE levels, handwashing and disinfection practices.

NEW DIVERSION DASHBOARD (live on Monday, 8/3/2020 at Noon). In an effort to standardize the way hospital saturation/diversion status is reported to EMS agencies, the State of Georgia has established a statewide Diversion Dashboard. This is the ONLY official diversion status report for EMS agencies. You can visit the website HERE.

UPDATE (8/26/2020) In our continued response to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, the Office of EMS and Trauma has issued an Emergency Rule that addresses EMS workforce issues and data reporting requirements for EMS agencies. To read the new Emergency Rule, please click Download this pdf file. HERE .

  • For instructions on how to petition the Department to use the alternate staffing model under this Emergency Rule, please click Download this pdf file. HERE .

UPDATE (7/2/2020) EMS Quick Report Form - click on the version you need ( Download this xls file. Excel , Download this pdf file. PDF )

The Office of EMS and Trauma has established this form to be used by EMS personnel to provide patient care information to the receiving facility upon delivery of the patient until a prehospital care report can be completed and submitted through GEMSIS Elite. This new Quick Report complies with the Emergency Rule listed above.

Notes on the Quick Report Form:

  • Agencies should submit ePCRs to GEMSIS Elite within 24 hours of call completion, and hospitals may access those patient care reports on Hospital Hub. To gain access to Hospital Hub, please contact your Regional EMS Director and they will forward your request.
  • EMS Agencies may adapt this form and place their agency name on it, as long as the minimal information is kept on this document.
  • By using this form (or one substantially similar to it), hospitals are more quickly able to contact the agency and specifically the crews if a patient that they transported tests positive for or is suspected of having COVID-19.
  • EMS License Management System

    The Office of EMS and Trauma is now using our new License Management System (LMS). The system is now live for initial medic and instructor applications as well as initial EMS agency applications.  For information about how to access LMS and submit applications for initial licensure or license renewal, click HERE.

  • New License Cards

    Click here to see the new license cards that we are issuing. The new instructor card is on the left and a sample AEMT card is on the right):

    New features:

    • Color for license level at the bottom of the medic card is based on the license level and is the same as the color on the new Georgia Scope of Practice for EMS personnel
    • No expiration dates on the cards
      • This is so that the cards do not need to change with each renewal cycle, and this encourages agencies to always check the website for the latest information regarding a medic or instructor
    • The QR code at the bottom codes for a link that is unique to the individual medic
      • When scanned with a QR code reader app like Google Lens, etc., it will link to the webpage for that individual medic so you can check their status.


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