Asthma Friendly Schools

Schools are an important venue for promoting health and wellness. Approximately 12% of school aged children in Georgia have Asthma. The Asthma Friendly Schools toolkit provides a structure school districts can use to create a comprehensive approach to asthma management. Comprehensive Asthma Friendly School programs include planning tools, school policy recommendations and asthma self-management education programs.

Students with uncontrolled asthma often miss more school, have poorer academic performance, and have low sleep quality.  An Asthma Friendly School provides a safe and healthy environment that reduces asthma triggers and maximizes the health, quality of life, and educational outcomes of all children.  Schools can support asthma self-management in children by adopting asthma-friendly policies and procedures related to the following areas:

  • Asthma Management and School Health Services
  • Healthy School Environment
  • Medication Polices and Comprehensive Asthma Procedures including Georgia’s Law on Stocking and Administering Albuterol (See Legislation Here)

For more information on steps to becoming an Asthma Friendly School please view Georgia’s Asthma Friendly Toolkit.

Additional Resources

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Page last updated 3/14/2024