Physical Activity

Participation in regular physical activity is critical to sustaining good health and reduce the risk of developing or dying from heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, and high blood pressure. Yet, less than half of Georgia’s adults get 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity aerobic activity and in recent surveys, only half of Georgia’s high school students reported being physically active for at least 60 minutes a day.

On average, people who are physically active outlive those who are inactive. Becoming active reduces the risk for many diseases, helps control weight, and strengthens muscles, bones, and joints.

So, what can we do? Get Active.

Getting active can be easy (and fun!) and when done in at least 10 minute increments will add up make a big difference in your health!  Whether increasing activity by going for walks, biking, exploring parks, playing sports or making simple changes to your daily routine, such as take the stairs instead of the elevator, every step counts.

How active should I be to improve my health?  It depends.

Of course, the more physically active we are, the greater the health benefits and the better we feel, but the recommendations vary based on age.

The Physical Activity Guideline for Americans recommends that in order to promote and maintain health:

  • Adults 18 years and older should, Accumulate 150 minutes or more each week of moderate-vigorous activity and should also do muscle- strengthening activities at-least twice each week that work all major muscle groups
    • This can be broken down into:  30 minutes of moderate activity on at least five days per week, OR 20 minutes of vigorous physical activity at least three times per week.
  • Adolescents and children are recommended to participate in 60 minutes (1 hour) or more of physical activity each day

It may look difficult at a glance, but remember there are many resources below to help you develop a plan and just remember every step counts!

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Updated 12/19/2022