Data and Statistics

The Facts

In 2020 drivers 55 and up were 27% of the total population and 33% of all licensed drivers; 19% of all drivers involved in motor vehicle crashes and 26% of all drivers involved in fatal crashes.

Aging drivers tend to be safer drivers. Drivers aged 55 and older have a lower crash rate per 1 million vehicle-miles traveled, are less likely to drive under the influence, and are more likely to wear seatbelts, than the average driver.

Aging drivers are more vulnerable to injury or death. Of drivers involved in a fatal crash, those age 55 and older are more likely to die or suffer a serious injury. That risk increases with age.

For more detailed information see the Older Drivers Quick Facts Sheet from the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

For a more detailed report click here.

Page last updated 12/14/2022