Public Health Cross-Training for Communicable Disease Specialists (CDS) 

The following training courses are offered as cross-training opportunities and are designed to introduce Communicable Disease Specialists (CDS) to additional areas of infectious disease. CDS are encouraged to complete Hepatitis, TB, HIV, and COVID-19 cross-training opportunities within the first year of employment. Other supplement training courses are listed but are not required. 

HIV Cross Trainings

  • Integrating PrEP into Partner Services

    This course aims to provide Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS) with what they need to provide clients with Pre-HIV Exposure Prevention (PrEP) by reviewing what PrEP is, how it differs from post-prevention to Exposure (PEP) and How to Assess If Patients Are Eligible The tool is used for PrEP and PrEP consultations. This course also provides a new job aid, the PrEP Consultation Checklist, that DIS can use when meeting with patients. Click Here

  • Index Clients and Partner Services (HIV)

    This course focuses on the Partner Services activities conducted with index clients and the NHM&E data variables that relate to these activities. Click Here

TB Cross Trainings

  • TB 101 for Healthcare Workers

    This course is designed to educate healthcare workers (all individuals related to TB, including individuals who work in HIV/AIDS clinics or correctional facilities) about basic TB concepts. Upon completion, individuals will be able to describe TB, Describe the global situation of TB, explain how TB is spread, explain how latent TB infection and TB disease develop, list groups at high risk for infection with M. tuberculosis, identify components of a medical evaluation for TB disease, describe treatment regimens for latent TB infection, list potential adverse reactions to the drugs used to treat TB infection and etc. The actual time it takes to complete this course may differ from person to person. However, it should take approximately one hour to complete the entire six-lesson course. Click Here

Additional Cross Training

  • STD CSTE Webinars

    CSTE produced STD webinars that can be accessed as training resources for CS and Adult Syphilis staging with supporting worksheets for self-study. Click Here

  • Getting Results: Motivational Interviewing

    This training will get participants familiar with a concept called Motivational Interviewing, a strategy to help guide your patients and help them become their own agents of change. Click Here

  • Motivational Interviewing: Brushing Up the Basics

    This webinar will review the basic concepts and skills of motivational interviewing (MI) and use MI skills and tools to illustrate the practical applicability of these tools to addiction and other patient groups in clinical practice. An MI approach positions clinicians and patients as mutually collaborative experts and participants adhering to MI can improve the efficiency of the limited clinical time we have with patients. Since the introduction of addressing addiction-related behaviors in the early 1980s, the efficacy of MI has been proven across various disciplines and issues. The webinar will introduce participants to the basic principles of motivational interviews, emphasizing the core ideas and spirit of MI. Click Here

All upcoming virtual training opportunities hosted by the STD Office can be found on the training calendar. You can also find additional cross-training opportunities here on the training calendar. Follow registration directions for all CDC Train listings. 

Page updated 09/11/2023