Provider Resources and Training

Schedule of Upcoming STD Trainings

All upcoming virtual training opportunities hosted by the STD Office can be found on the training calendar. You can also find additional cross-training opportunities here on the training calendar. Follow registration directions for all CDC Train listings. 

The STD Office has partnered with both universities and professional physician organizations to host several provider education webinars. The webinars can be found here and cover various STD-related topics, provide Georgia screening and treatment updates and provide guidance for physicians who work with Georgia’s priority populations.

  • Expedited Partner Therapy (EPT) & the Pediatric Clinician 

    View Recording: Click Here

    Intended Audience: Pediatricians, pediatric nurses & PA’s & other clinicians


    • Identify the prevalence of gonorrhea and chlamydial infection in Georgia.
    • Discuss expedited partner therapy (EPT) as a method of preventing chlamydial reinfection.   
    • List public health protocols for expedited partner therapy (EPT) for chlamydia.
  • Georgia Resources in Education on Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    View Recording: Click Here


    • Lists CVC, treatment, and screening recommendations for STDS and adolescence
    • Discuss how to take an effective sexual history from an adolescent
    • Identify techniques for effective communication about sexual health with adolescents.


  • Training Resources from National STD curriculum

    Training Resources from National STD curriculum

    • Free educational website from the UW STD Prevention Training Center and the University of Washington 
    • STD Modules/Self Study, Continuing Education, News, Expert Interviews and Resources

Last Updated 12/20/2022