Yellow Dot Program

The Yellow Dot Program is a simple but effective system to put potentially life-saving information in the hands of first responders at the scene of a car crash.

Yellow Dot increases first responders’ ability to help older drivers and those experiencing a medical emergency, if they are unable to communicate. Responders in participating communities are trained to look for a “Yellow Dot” decal alerting them to critical health, identity, and emergency contact information in the car or the home.

The program is free, and participation is voluntary. In communities where Yellow Dot has been adopted, participants are given a Yellow Dot sticker to place on the driver's side rear window of their car, indicating to responders that there is a folder in the glove compartment with the participant’s vital information (medical history, prescriptions, allergies, etc.).

For emergencies that happen at home, a Yellow Dot magnetic clip can secure a similar folder to the refrigerator in the participant’s home, with the alert decal on or beside the main entry to the home.

DISCLAIMER: The program only works if emergency responders and medical personnel at the local hospital are trained to recognize the Yellow Dot sticker, where to find the packet, and how to use the information. Non-participating counties have not been trained on the program.


For a list of communities where Yellow Dot is active, click HERE.

For information on bringing Yellow Dot to your community, click HERE or contact [email protected] 


Page last updated 12/14/2022