Georgia Prevention and Care Council (G-PACC)


The purpose of HIV community planning is to create a seamless continuum of services for those at risk for and infected with HIV. The Georgia Department of Public Health, Office of HIV/AIDS began the process of planning for integrated prevention and care activities along with creating one comprehensive statewide integrated planning group in 2014. This transition lead to the sunset of the previous prevention only planning body (GCPG) and the establishment of one statewide integrated body. Georgia’s statewide integrated planning council known as The Georgia Prevention and Care Council (G-PACC) is comprised of 56 members. An important objective is to foster an integrated planning process that encourages parity, inclusion, and representation among all community members. The Georgia Prevention and Care Council planning activities include: 4 face to face meetings, presentations, conference calls, and webinar. Members of the Georgia Prevention and Care Council reflect the epidemic in Georgia while simultaneously involving stakeholders who reflect the comprehensive need to address service delivery systems, unmet needs and gaps in care, and perceived barriers. Amid COVID-19, the Georgia Prevention & Care Council currently conducts HIV Integrated Prevention & Care meetings virtually.

In response to guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Download this pdf file. Georgia’s 2017-2021 HIV Prevention and Care Plan reflects the shared vision and values regarding how best to deliver HIV prevention and care services. The plan identifies HIV prevention and care needs, present resources, barriers, gaps within local jurisdictions, and outlines a plan to meet continuous HIV prevention and care needs. The Georgia Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan supports the vision of NHAS and brings forth an integrated approach to HIV prevention and care services specially designed for the state of Georgia. Three political jurisdictions and their respective planning bodies were involved in the process: Georgia Statewide Prevention and Care Council (G-PACC), Metropolitan Atlanta HIV Health Services Planning Council (Planning Council), and the City of Atlanta (Fulton/DeKalb Counties) Jurisdictional HIV Prevention Planning Group (JPPG).

Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, the Georgia Prevention & Care Council currently conducts HIV Integrated Prevention & Care meetings virtually. 

  GPACC First Quarterly (Virtual) Meeting- March 2023 Presentations
  Download this pdf file. GPACC Agenda
  Download this pdf file. DPH/HIV Prevention Program Update
  Download this ppt file. DPH/HIV Care Program Update


If you have any questions or would like to learn more about G-PACC, please contact Vivian Momah at 404-651-7655 or [email protected].

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