Starting a Yellow Dot Program in Your Community

Starting a Yellow Dot Program in Your Community

For a limited time, the Georgia Department of Public Health, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, and Department of Human Services will provide communities with packets to help launch the program.

Communities will work with Yellow Dot Program staff to complete the start-up activities. Details about each step can be found in the Yellow Dot Implementation Manual. To obtain an manual, please send details about your agency, organization, or group to the Yellow Dot Program at [email protected].

Yellow Dot Program Start-Up Steps:

  • Organize your community:
    • Host meetings to educate and recruit key partners
    • This will earn your community 500 packets
  • Launch the program:
    • Set and execute a launch date.
    • Host a press conference
    • Host first responder training
    • This will earn your community 500 packets.
  • Plan for sustainability:
    • Find sponsors to help implement and pay for the program.
    • This could earn you 500 packets.
  • Resources
    • Yellow Dot Implementation Manual
    • Training module
    • Communication material
      • Flyers
      • Press releases

What is the cost to my community for Yellow Dot?

As part of community rollout, Georgia Department of Public Health, through a grant with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, is offering packets to communities that begin the program and follow the implementation steps. For those groups that wish to purchase packets on their own, packets cost varies based on several factors. Please contact [email protected] for specific inquiries.

How do I purchase packets for distribution in my community?

Contact your local community that’s implementing or the Yellow Dot Program.  We will work with groups to determine the most cost effective approach for each group. Communities can work with the Yellow Dot Program to purchase packets in bulk or smaller quantities.

I’ve seen Yellow Dot for sale online, should I get my materials there?

No, for three reasons:

  • Georgia’s Yellow Dot Program materials are free to individual participants.
  • Georgia’s Yellow Dot Emergency Information Form is unique to this program and first responders are trained to look for the official Georgia Yellow Dot sticker.
  • Lastly, only emergency personnel in participating counties have been trained to look for the Yellow Dot sticker and to know where to find your medical information. If you order a Yellow Dot packet online but live in a county where your emergency personnel isn’t trained on the program, it will not be as beneficial to you.

How can my agency become an enrollment site?

Please email [email protected] for information on becoming an enrollment site.

More Questions?

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