55+ Driver Safety Program

Funded by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety

The 55+ Driver Safety Program spans all facets of traffic and road safety. Our roads and transportation systems are complex and require skills that may diminish as we age. Vision, physical condition, cognition, vitality, and even medications can impact our ability to drive safely.

We follow the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan and its focus on the Four E’s of Safety: Education, Engineering, Enforcement, and Emergency Medical Services.

We offer the knowledge and resources to engage Georgia’s drivers in maintaining their mobility, their mental and physical acuity, and their lifestyle as they age.

Program activities are provided by the Georgia Department of Public Health’s (DPH) Injury Prevention Program (IPP) under a grant from the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) to build support for statewide and local program development, implementation, evaluation, coordination, and data needs.

Program Activities

What You Can Do

  • Understand how aging can impact your safe driving skills: Vision, memory, strength, flexibility, and reaction time can decline as we age.
  • Talk to your doctor about conditions and medications that may affect your driving.
  • Be proactive about your safe driving skills:
    • Take a certified driver safety course.
    • Attend a CarFit safety event.
  • Learn where your safe driving skills are now:
    • Take a self-assessment test, or
    • Find a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist and get an evaluation.
  • Plan for a safe transition from driving while remaining active
  • Learn how to start a conversation when concerned about someone's driving.
  • Learn what transportation options are available in your community; start by visiting your local Area Agency on Aging webpage.

Contact Us

Jim Kelly
55+ Driver Safety Program Manager
[email protected]

Lila Ralston
55+ Driver Safety Program Consultant
[email protected]

Elizabeth N. Head, MPH
Deputy Director, Injury Prevention Program
[email protected]


Page last updated 12/02/2022