Smoke and Vape Free Places

Comprehensive tobacco-free policies promote quitting in tobacco users and eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke in non-users. These policies impact the health of not only individuals, but the community at large. It's easy to go tobacco-free! See the links at the right for more information.

Smoke and Vape Free Places Signage

Download this pdf file. No Smoking or Vaping

Download this pdf file. No Smoking or Vaping Beyond This Point

Download this pdf file. Smoking/Vaping Permitted

Download this pdf file. Smoking/Vaping Permitted: No One Under the Age of 21 Allowed

Quitting is your best option to reduce your risk from smoking and tobacco use-related diseases. Vaping is not a healthy alternative to smoking. E-cigarettes and vape products are not FDA-approved cessation devices. For more information and support to help you quit contact the Georgia Tobacco Quit Line.

Click HERE for more information about quitting.

Last revised 7/7/23