E-Cigarettes (Vapes)

The Truth About E-cigarettes (Vapes)

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and other vapor products are used to heat and aerosolize (turn into particles) liquid known as e-juice (vape juice) containing highly addictive nicotine or other substances that a person can inhale into their lungs. The use of these products are commonly referred to as "vaping."

E-cigarettes come in many different forms. Most are noncombustible which includes a battery, a heating element, and a liquid compartment, usually containing addictive nicotine, that is added to the e-liquid or included in the device. The heating element aerosolizes the liquid for the inhalation of the liquid nicotine or other contents. E-cigarettes are known by many different names, including "vapes," "e-cigs," “puff bars,” and "electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS)."

Other electronic vapor products that use e-liquids include e-cigars, e-pipes, and hookah pens (e-hookah).

Youth and Young Adult Vaping is Popular and Harmful!

Images of vapes promoting smoking cessation

Vapes come in colorful, fun, and unique product designs, along with many flavors, all of which come together as part of the attraction for youth who believe that these products are not addictive and are safe to use. Many users believe vaping will reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Vapes are often viewed and marketed as a safe alternative to smoking.

Most vapes contain high levels of nicotine (synthetic and tobacco derived), which is very addictive, impacts youth and young adult brain development, can lead to increased stress or mood disorders, and can lead to cigarette smoking or other drug addictions over time.

Vape aerosols are not just harmless water vapors that are inhaled and exhaled (as marketed). Vape aerosol exposure is unsafe and contains chemicals, metals (i.e., lead, nickel), and other particles that can interfere with lung development and health. Vape aerosols may also increase the risk of heart disease, lung cancer, and asthma complications.

Vaping is illegal for anyone under the age of 21.

It shall be unlawful for any person to:

  • Sell or barter any of the prohibited products to individuals under 21 years.
  • Purchase any of the prohibited products for individuals under 21 years
  • Advise, counsel, or compel individuals under 21 years to use any of the prohibited products.

Any person that violates this law shall be guilty of a misdemeanor!

Helpful Tips for Parents

  • Set a good example by being tobacco-free and ensure that your child is not exposed to secondhand smoke from any tobacco products, including e-cigarettes. If you use tobacco, it is never too late to quit. Call the Georgia Tobacco Quit Line at 1-877-270-7867.
  • Talk to your child or teen about why e-cigarettes are harmful to them. It’s never too late.
  • Let your child know that you want them to stay away from all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes because they are not safe for them. Seek help, check in, and get involved.
  • Set up an appointment with your child’s healthcare provider so that they can hear from a medical professional about the health risks of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes.
  • Speak with your child’s teacher and school administrator about enforcement of tobacco-free school grounds policies and tobacco prevention curriculum.
  • Encourage your child to learn the facts and get tips for quitting tobacco products HERE
  • Get the Talk With Your Teen About E-cigarettes tip sheet for parents. Start the conversation early with children about why e-cigarettes are harmful to them.

Know the signs of vaping, these include but are not limited to the following:

  • A sweet, fruity, or minty smell in their room or on their clothes. 
  • Always thirsty or have a dry mouth.
  • Often make excuses to go to the bathroom or outside during family time.
  • Frequent cough and/or nose bleeds.
  • Change in mood like being more irritable or anxious.
  • Change in eating habits.

E-Cigarette Prevention Programs and Presentation for Schools and Community Organizations

Quitting Resources for Youth and Young Adults

Truth Initiative's Vape Prevention and Resources 

Text - “VAPEFREEGA”, “DEJELOGA” to 88709 or call the Georgia Tobacco Quitline 1-877-270-STOP, 1-877-2NOFUME.

Quitting is your best option to reduce your risk from smoking and tobacco use-related diseases. Vaping is not a healthy alternative to smoking. E-cigarettes and vape products are not FDA-approved cessation devices. For more information and support to help you quit contact the Georgia Tobacco Quit Line.

Click HERE for more information about quitting.

Last Updated 7/11/2023