Health Insurance Continuation Program (HICP)

HICP is a state administered program which assists eligible persons who need help with health insurance payments. This program pays a maximum monthly health insurance premium of $1,788.00, which may include a spouse and children on a family health insurance plan, as well as dental and vision. In addition, the program also assists with medication co-payments. 

The HICP is available only for residents of Georgia who are enrolled through one of 29 enrollment sites located throughout the state.

The client is responsible for providing proof of eligibility for the program to ADAP/HICP coordinators and/or case managers.

Basic eligibility requirements for the HICP include:

  • A positive HIV status
  • Proof of Georgia residency
  • Income at or below 400% FPL

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Georgia ADAP/HICP Program at 404-656-9805 or email at [email protected].


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