Georgia Safe to Sleep Campaign’s - Hospital-Based Initiative

This program encourages birthing centers and pediatric departments in Georgia to model and actively discuss infant sleeping practices with parents and caregivers before they leave the hospital.

To ensure health providers in Georgia implement and model safe sleep practices, the Georgia Safe to Sleep campaign recruited birthing hospitals to participate in the Hospital-based program. The program asks hospitals to:

  • Educate staff on current American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Recommendations on safe infant sleep
  • Educate parents on the AAP recommendations
  • Update/create safe sleep policy to reflect the most recent AAP recommendations
  • Model safe infant sleep in the hospital and,
  • Distribute educational support items

Goals of the Hospital-based Safe to Sleep Program:

  • Provide accurate and consistent safe infant sleep information to hospital personnel including medical, nursing, breastfeeding, child birth education and nutrition staff members
  • Enable hospitals to implement and model safe infant sleep practices throughout their facility
  • Provide guidance to health care staff on addressing safe infant sleep concerns and issues
  • Reduce infant mortality attributed to sleep-related infant deaths


Georgia Safe to Sleep Hospital Initiative - Download this pdf file. Parent Survey results  

Georgia Safe to Sleep Hospital Initiative - Download this pdf file. Process Evaluation Report


For questions or training needs, contact:

Terri Miller, MPH, CHES
Safe Infant Sleep Program Manager
[email protected] 


Page last updated 12/16/2022