Asthma Friendly Schools

Approximately 126,400 (9 out of 100) Georgia children aged 0-9 have asthma. Among children aged 0-9 years with an Emergency Department visit, 23% had two or more visits.  Of those hospitalized, about 9% had two or more asthma hospitalizations.  According to the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Asthma Call Back Survey, 58% of students reported missing one or more school days in the past year due to asthma.

Students with uncontrolled asthma often miss more school, have poorer academic performance, and have low sleep quality.  An Asthma Friendly School provides a safe and healthy environment that reduces asthma triggers and maximizes the health, quality of life, and educational outcomes of all children.  Schools can support asthma self-management in children by adopting asthma-friendly policies and procedures.

Additional Resources

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