Healthy Communities Initiatives

Communities are working to reduce chronic diseases by helping people make the healthy choice the easy choice where they live, learn, work, and play.

The Georgia Department of Public Health works with 18 local public health districts throughout the state to provide technical assistance and training on developing and implementing policy, systems, and environmental changes to communities within their jurisdictions to:

  • Promote physical activity and nutrition.
  • Reduce tobacco use and exposure.
  • Foster improved and increased access to quality care.
  • Help eliminate racial, ethnic, and socio-economic health disparities.
  • Reduce complications from and incidence of chronic diseases.
  • Build capacity for communities to perform this work.
  • Improve population health.

Health departments identify and leverage opportunities with other health programs in the state, national and state organizations, health care providers, and community partners and coalitions to enhance local community efforts and maximize the public health impact across the Georgia.

The Georgia Department of Public Health funds, and collaborates with, 18 separate public health districts throughout the state.  Each is comprised of one or more of Georgia's 159 counties and county health departments. Click here to find your public health district.

The Regional Cancer Coalitions of Georgia also play an important role in working with local public health and health care system partners to meet local community needs—

National Prevention Strategy

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