Parks and Recreation Facilities

Currently in Georgia, 24 of 203 parks have adopted the 100% Tobacco-Free Parks Policy, and 8 of 203 parks are smoke free, protecting 2,870,568 youth and adults from the dangers and harms of secondhand smoke exposure and creating a safe and healthy environment. Tobacco-Free Parks Policy is an evidenced-based strategy for preventing youth tobacco use and exposure.

Download this pdf file. Partnership with the Georgia Recreation and Park Association

Why are Tobacco-Free Parks Important?

A comprehensive Tobacco-Free Parks Policy does more than deter individual tobacco use. It benefits everyone by reducing exposure to secondhand smoke (SHS). There is no safe level of exposure to SHS. Exposure to SHS outdoors can even have negative health consequences:

100% Tobacco-Free Parks in Georgia

Download this xls file. Click here to see if your local park(s) and recreation facilities have adopted and implemented the 100% model Tobacco-Free parks  Policy.

Here’s How You Can Support Your Parks Policy

Point everyone to signs that notify all parks users of the policy.

How to Adopt the 100% Tobacco-Free Parks Policy

Check to see if your park’s current policy meets the model policy requirements:

Download this pdf file. This  is a template of what a model 100% Tobacco-Free Parks Policy should say.

Additional Resources

Download this pdf file. The Tobacco-Free Sports Playbook: Creating Programs for Healthier Youth, Teams, and Communities

Quitting is your best option to reduce your risk from smoking and tobacco use-related diseases. Vaping is not a healthy alternative to smoking. E-cigarettes and vape products are not FDA-approved cessation devices. For more information and support to help you quit contact the Georgia Tobacco Quit Line.

Click HERE for more information about quitting.

Last revised 7/12/2023